Peace of mind created by SentinelOne technology
Up to $ 1,000,000 Ransomware warranty from SentinelOne!
Кибер сигурност
Active EDR, Prevention, Detection&Responce, 0-day защита on-line/off-line.
Автоматичен Kill, Quarantine, Remediate and Rollback.

Tomorrow's threats require a new solutions for today's corporate security!

SentinelOne has a unique technology that allows the installed End point agent to independently assess file and file-free threats without a connection to the cloud or the need for external intervention CAM to perform the following protection functions:

  • Protection against 0-day attacks, online and offline
  • Windows rollback - instant recovery of ransomware victims
  • Endpoint protection with: Static AI, Behavioral AI, Exploits, Malicious Scripts, Real-Time Lateral Movement.
  • Detect a threat or evolving attack
  • Automatic, as well as the ability to manually hunt for threats in the infrastructure
  • Stop the attack and quarantine the malicious files for further analysis
  • Clear infections and protect in real time
  • Delete all changes made by the infection
  • Built-in Threat intelligence protection that doesn't need a constant connection to the cloud
  • Prevention, Detection & Response functions
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SentinelOne offers different solutions:

  • to control of machine peripherals (USB ports, Infrared, Bluetooth) and remote access to the machine
  • to proactively inform about the presence of vulnerabilities in the application software of the machine
  • to isolate the end station from the network
  • to detect IoT devices without the need to install a sensor
  • to detect application vulnerabilities
  • to report vulnerabilities in the applications located on each computer and to provide detailed information on CVE (Common Vulnerability Exposure), which gives users clarity about the security of the applications used
  • to recover encrypted or deleted files from viruses
  • to control the firewall of the device
  • to be provided as a service to multiple customers
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