Enterprise data protection with
SecurDPS Enterprise

SecurDPS Enterprise combines Comforte AG’s patented tokenization algorithm and its trusted, highly scalable and fault-tolerant architecture. Supplemented by a wide range of integration options, SecurDPS Enterprise facilitates rapid implementation of business applications with on-premise, multi-cloud, big-data and data-warehouse components. It does not require any changes to the infrastructure or code. The encryption technology is used even when the data-centric advantages of tokenization are not required. In other words: no matter how much you move, use, leave or lose your data, it is always protected and always private.

Data compliance

There are two things all privacy legislation has in common: data protection and obligatory reporting of breaches. This makes perfect sense. Even assuming that every single member of your organization is actively committed to data protection, their efforts mean nothing in the event of a breach. Sensitive data can only remain private if it is protected.

Big-data security

Big-data analytics produce invaluable insights, but each new data stream is a potential attack vector that makes traditional perimeter security superfluous and leaves your organization open to harm. In the past, data security officers and data scientists were forced to strike a compromise between the free use of data and sufficient protection from potential threats. Data-centric security solutions make such compromises unnecessary, allowing you to secure your data and analyze it.

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